Porcelain Painting Classes

Would you like to learn a new creative skill?

Nancy Bindhammer, a porcelain painter, has offered to give us lessons on how to decorate porcelain.  She will begin classes on Wed. August 7.  The cost will be the normal $5 plus the cost of the dish you plan to paint.  Mugs are about $1.50.  You could also bring your own piece of white porcelain or china.  She will teach us how to paint it and then she will fire it for us.  It will probably take about two or three classes to complete a project, because it has to be fired between coats of paint.  She will be with us for a few Wednesdays and you can start any time so if you can’t make it on the 7th you could start on the 14th.

It would be nice to know the number of people that will be interested and whether you need a mug or plate ie. rsvp.

Porcelain Painting

Porcelain Painting