Booster Chief

I just finished this portrait in graphite on claybord.  I saw the picture and just couldn’t resist drawing it.  I loved everything about it.  His expression and the location are just perfect.

Fly Away

One of the things that we do often, when the sun shines, is sun painting on scarves.  These are silk scarves.  First I sun paint them then hand paint them later.

An Old Eye

This is a drawing that I finished recently.  I challenged myself to get very realistic.  It was a fun exercise in values.  A slight change makes a big difference.  A 5×7 drawing on… Continue reading

Maine Sail by Betty Marron

The Great Ex-scape

Just thought this was appropriate for the season.  This is a half page watercolor that I hoped to catch the joys of garlic.


This is a drawing completed yesterday by one of my new students, Mary Lehman.  She has only been working with us for a  couple of weeks.  This was done on claybord. 

Belated Happy Father’s Day and Mother’s Birthday

This is a drawing that I did of my father and mother on their wedding day November 2nd 1930.

Mountain of Mammals

This is one of my early scratchboards.  I was trying to depicts some of the mammals that you might see here in NY.  The original is 16×20.  I do have Giclee prints of… Continue reading

Heralding Spring

This is a tree that I see every day when I look out the window.  It is a favorite place for the birds to rest before they come to my feeders.  This is… Continue reading

A Vanishing Breed

This is approximately what the cover of my 2014 Calendar will look like.  I have just finished barn number thirteen and hope to go to press this week.   The reference picture for… Continue reading