I Love Rushford Lake

This is an 11×14 inch poster that I just finished.  It depicts various scenes from around Rushford Lake done in acrylics.  The original has been sold but prints are available.  ($10 unsigned and… Continue reading

Let’s keep the Doc away

This painting was inspired with the sight of these apples hanging on our apple tree.  They were just so pretty as the sun hit them.  You can come and see the painting this… Continue reading

The 2016 Calendar is now ready

The 2016 calendar is Flora and Fauna done on 8×10 scratchboards -$15 (tax included) plus shipping and handling.  Most of the originals are for sale. Those of you that have done scratchboard will know… Continue reading

Carpet Lilies

These lilies grow in our garden and I  captured them one morning when the sun was on them.  They are done in oil on a 16×20 gessoboard.  This summer I have been having… Continue reading

Hi Bee’s Cus

I have had a lot of fun painting larger than life flowers because it allows me to put in a lot more detail.  This particular painting is a 24 x 24 oil painting… Continue reading

Irises for Ellie

This chair was painted by Gail Kedzierski for another student, Ellie.  Gail has painted a number of different types of furniture over the years.  Be it chairs, tables or stools she adapts her… Continue reading

Yellow Rose of New York

This is another flower in this winters series of larger than life florals.  It is 12 x 12 inch oil on canvas.  By using the black background the yellow shines much brighter.  Do… Continue reading


This is from a picture of a Clematis that grows in our garden.  The contrast of the shadows and sunlight struck my eye.  It is a 24 x 18 oil painting.

Happy Valentines Day

The most popular flower given on Valentines Day is the rose so here is my gift to you this day.  This rose was grown by my brother in his garden this summer, photographed and… Continue reading


This is another portrait that I just finished.  It is pencil on Strathmore 300 series Bristol vellum.  It is approximately 8 inches square.