Out to Pasture

This is a painting that I just finished.  It is 12×24 oil on canvas.  I just loved the fall wildflowers contrasted with the old barn and great looking cattle.

Rustic Outhouses 2015 Calendar

My calendar for this year has 13 paintings (oil on canvas) of rustic outhouses.  They range from right next door to my house to Maine, Florida, Pennsylvania  and Russia.  They are selling for $14.88… Continue reading

Angelica Academy

One of the things I like to do is to take old pictures and try to make them into a clear drawing.  This commission was a real challenge.  The building burned in 1870… Continue reading

Raini’s Tree

Lorraine Hasper (Raini) came to us this summer and has been working very hard to improve her art.  She has done work in oil painting and graphite.  This particular drawing is her latest,… Continue reading

Cuba Project, The Six Churches

My job was to portray the six churches of Cuba, five that are still being used as churches and one that is now a community center.  It was a challenge just to arrange… Continue reading


This panel was done by Alicia Bingman.  She is very talented young gal.  Being from this area she knows the Amish well.  In this panel she has captured various aspects of their life.

Cuba Garlic Festival

This panel, for the Cuba Mural Project, was done by Karen Barber.  Like the rest of us, this was the first time working with a medium that dried so quickly and it created… Continue reading

Cuba Project #3 The Greenway

This panel was done by one of our very talented new students, Susan Nevinger.  The Greenway goes through Cuba on its route from Rochester to Olean.  Susan has captured one of the bridges… Continue reading


The next panel I am posting is done by one of the new people to join our studio family, Sandy Luckey Bonadonna.  Her wish is that horse’s harnesses were less complicated.  Just looking… Continue reading

Cuba Mural Project

Our studio has become involved with Cuba, NY’s latest wall mural.  It is a mural that will be going up soon and consists of eighteen panels.  Six of those panel are coming out… Continue reading